Dave Bitter

Google Developer Expert Web & Developer Advocate

Dave is a Google Developer Export for Web, Front-end developer and Developer advocate with a background in both development and design. He has a rich experience in creating state of the art human-centred web applications. As a Developer Advocate, he’s continuously on the hunt to learn new techniques, tools and possibilities. He revels in sharing the wonderful world of the web with fellow developers. He gets to enjoy his passion every day as a Developer Advocate & Front-end developer and is excited about what the future will bring!

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Talks by Dave Bitter

  • Dynamically generate Open Graph images using Next.js Serverless

    We all know how you can add an OG image to your website. But did you know it is quite easy to generate custom, freshly designed and stateful images which make you stand out from the crowd?

  • The File System Access API: Unlocking New Possibilities for Web Developers

    Are you ready to level up your web development skills? Project Fugu is here to help! Join me at my talk to discover the power of the File System Access API, a game-changing feature that allows web applications to access local files like native apps. Imagine the possibilities of creating powerful web applications that can access and manipulate local files like never before. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how to leverage this powerful feature and create cutting-edge web apps that help users worldwide. See you there!

  • Inversion of Control through Compound Components

    If you're interested in learning about Inversion of Control through Compound Components in software design, then this talk is perfect for you! By using React.js as an example, Dave will show you how to create scalable and maintainable components (for design systems) that cater to various requirements the developers who use them have. Additionally, he'll discuss the challenges of building components that meet the needs of many developers and demonstrate how this technique can help you build sustainable components that stand the test of time. Throughout the talk, you'll gain practical advice and real-world examples for implementing Inversion of Control and Compound Components in your own projects, as well as a better understanding of how these concepts can benefit building better software.

  • Remix party, you're invited!

    Remix is a great framework to build robust, progressively enhanced and interactive web apps! Dave will take you on a fun journey on how he created a multi-user and real-time progressive web app. But be aware, there is a guest list and not every solution is invited to join the party!