Maarten Van Hoof

Developer Advocate & Frontend

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Talks by Maarten Van Hoof

  • Container Queries: The next step towards a truly modular CSS

    What are container queries? What problems do they solve? How can we use them? This talk will cover these questions.

  • CSS Cascade

    An overview of the CSS cascade, selector specificity and new types of selectors.

  • Front-end ❤️ OpenAPI

    Building projects with RESTful API dependencies ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. The OpenAPI ecosystem offers us solutions in the form of virtually complete independence from a REST API during development and testing.

  • I like LEGO

    An informal 5 minutes lightning talk about why Front-end resembles building with LEGO

  • Open Source Sustainability

    Our current digitalized society is built upon thousands of pieces of Open Source software. What starts out as a fun hobby project has more than often led to an industry standard. How can the companies of today sustain their Open Source supply chain, make sure that resources are divided equitably? In this talk Maarten give you insights into research on how the current Open Source funding landscape looks like, what problems we face and what possible solutions could pave the way forward.

  • Why multiple h1's on a page isn't that crazy

    The HTML5 specification originally allowed for multiple <h1/> but browser vender thought otherwise.