Coven of Wisdom - EHV - CSS edition

By Maarten Van Hoof

3 min read

On October 26th, the Coven of Wisdom held its CSS meetup in Eindhoven. To really allow going deep on CSS and Web UIs, we invited 2 heavy hitters regarding these domains, Brecht De Ruyte en Hidde de Vries.


Y'all already using custom props?

Brecht, who you might remember from such brainy articles on Smashing Magazine, CSS-tricks (RIP), and of course our own iO TechHub, got us all psyched about using custom properties more often. He showed us how to style four buttons with less than 20 lines of code, boss the grid using smart variables, and throw in some JavaScript wizardry for fun.

Brecht De Ruyte answering difficult questions

Yummy, popovers!

Then it was Hidde's turn to make us think really hard about what a modal is. What's a menu or a popover? One of them is at least British slang for Yorkshire pudding. He showed us how our design systems often have stuff that pops up over other content - you know, like tooltips, date pickers, menus, and teaching UI. Hidde, a freelance front-end and accessibility whiz who works with the Dutch government's NL Design System team and is also part of the W3C's Open UI Community Group and CSS Working Group, showed us some up-and-coming HTML and CSS features that let us use these kinds of UI elements easier and more accessible to users.

Hidde de Vries talking about the similarities between popovers

We had a blast hosting this gig with these two web wizards! We had drinks, bites, and a whole lot of great chats.

Live stream

Didn't have the opportunity to join us but still want to check out the talks? Our live stream is available to rewatch whenever you like and whatever playback speed you prefer.

Can't wait to have you join us next time!

Wait, join us next time!

Because our last EHV meetup of the year is just around the corner, on the 16th of November We are thrilled to announce our second workshop in collaboration with AWS, an event led by Samuel Sopeju, an AWS Solutions Architect. This workshop will give you hands-on experience with machine learning using Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service designed to enable data scientists and developers to easily develop and train machine learning models. We'll also delve into the Extension for Stable Diffusion on AWS solution, teaching attendees how to invoke Amazon SageMaker Endpoint and generate large-scale images.

These workshops are typically kept internally and exclusively for AWS partners, but this one has limited public places available. Be sure to reserve your seat!

Thumbnail of the Coven of Wisdom - EHV - AWS AI workshop - November 16th

All info and registration on our meetup page: