Zakaria Taissate

Full-stack Software Engineer & Team Captain

I'm Zakaria, a full-stack software engineer, frontend expert, and user experience enthusiast. I'm just as passionate about technology as about helping people. Next to IT, I have many interests: Religion, food, sports, traveling and everything that is remotely geek/nerdy in nature 🤓.

Whatever the project, I'm always advocating for modern tech, clean code principles and effective UX. I try never to lose track of of a project's purpose. Yes, I sure love state of the art solutions! But, I'm also pragmatic: Achieving business goals with established design patterns.

As a team captain, I was given the incredible opportunity to coach other developers individually. I love motivating them, sharing knowledge, and helping them grow in their careers. Additionally, in my spare time, I mentor software engineering students, providing guidance, assisting with code, and explaining various aspects of my field. I find immense joy in helping others achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

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