Vince Liem

Senior Frontend Consultant & AI expert

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  • Generative AI: An anything-to-anything translation device

    Why is there an AI explosion all of the sudden? Didn't AI exists for ages? Why is everyone talking about it now? What is the difference between classical AI and generative AI? This talk is about how you should see Large Language Models or Generative AI to make it as productive as possible. And I will drive that point to its technical limits.

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  • How to supercharge customer experience with GPT-3 AI

    GPT-3 is a powerful artificial intelligence tool that understands natural language. You can create surprisingly customised personalised landing pages for each visitor. With the right data, you can use GPT-3 to make customer experience improvements on your website or web application. In this talk, which is created by GPT-3, I will show you how your websites can be personalized to your visitors by passing user meta data to GPT-3 and get recommendations.

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